In construction, you would think is a given that your job site would be dirty; dirt tracked in from the outdoors by workers’ shoes, the wear and tear of the day, and other bits and pieces are normal in a home renovation project. However, keeping the job site as clean as possible during and after the project is essential for the following reasons.


Even a little sawdust or a loose nail on the floor can cause a sizable accident. Safety is the number one priority for everyone involved in the construction project, and this includes keeping the job site clean. One cannot assume someone will not step on a loose nail, or that sawdust could not inflict an injury to the eyes or throat. Leaving large equipment like power tools around the place can also become a tripping hazard for anyone passing through the room. Plus, leaving scraps or wrappers can draw unwanted critters into your premises.

Motivation and Quality of Work

A clean job site also helps to keep one’s mind clear. The idea of a clean space creating a refreshed mind is a common one, yet there is truth to it. Some people can become paralyzed in the face of a cluttered space. While construction involves some chaos to bring a place back to order, keeping the area as tidy as possible each day will keep workers’ minds from distraction and disarray. It can boost their motivation to do the best job possible.

Client Happiness

While construction workers feel the effects of a disorderly workplace, so do clients. When a client comes by and sees a job site looking more like a cluttered mess or a dump rather than a work-in-progress, he will think that the end-product will be just as sloppy and dirty. Your client may respond rather poorly. Who knows if the construction team sweep out the debris before installing the cabinets? Uncleanliness can make for a strained client relationship.

Customer Referrals

In turn, it can be harder to gain loyal customers and new ones as well. Even if your team did a stellar job, your client could think less of it because of the mess that was present during the process. When looking for a service, most people look at customer reviews before anything else. If you are having trouble keeping your job site clean, a professional cleaning service can help. For contractors in Delaware, Maryland’s Eastern Shore, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and New Jersey, Air Quality Remediation is here to help!

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