One of the worst fears a prospective tenant could have is that their rental unit will be dirty from tenants gone by. A grimy rental can be a nightmare. Even if it looks clean on the surface, you never know how long it’s been since someone has scrubbed under the refrigerator. Keeping your rental properties pristine will ultimately render higher rental prices, a better reputation as a landlord, happier tenants, and a longer-lasting property. To achieve these goals, you can keep your rental property clean through the following means.

Preventative Maintenance: Tenants

Keeping the rental property clean starts with preventing it from accumulating filth in the first place. The way to do this is to lay down the law; include cleaning expectations in your lease agreement that clearly define what you expect the tenant to maintain. He or she may not only need to care for the inside of their rental unit, but also the outside features like the parking spaces, walkway, patio, or balcony. Most tenants will not cause unnecessary damage to a property; nevertheless, it is crucial to lay out these expectations to hold them accountable for any abuse.

Conducting regular inspections is also a healthy way to keep the space in good shape. Even though the responsibilities may be in the agreement, it might be easy to forget them after that. If your tenants know that an inspection will happen regularly, they will be more mindful of how their home looks on a regular basis as well.

Use a Cleaning Company

In-between tenants, it is best practice to go over the place with a professional cleaning service. This scrub-down should include the hard-to-reach places as well as the obvious ones. Instead of just cleaning out the refrigerator, clean under and behind it also. Take care when wiping the blinds, as inexpensive ones break more easily. 

Wiping and scrubbing the surfaces of a unit is only one part of the story, however. Over time, heating and cooling ductwork can become dirty, or water damage could happen via the pipes. Should you be working in-between tenants or in an emergency situation, Air Quality Remediation is one call away 24/7. They deal with the inner workings of a home so you and your tenants can breathe easy.

Check Over In-Person

After all the cleaning is done, it doesn’t hurt to have the final look. As the landlord, perhaps the only way you’ll really know the vacancy is ready for another tenant is to inspect it yourself. Take the time to visit the place and see its cleanliness in person.

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