Facilities Cleaning

Need professionals to clean up a biohazard or lab? We are here to help!

AQR’s team of professionals are educated to safely and quickly remove a variety of bio hazardous materials, and to follow-up with proper disposal – as per OSHA regulations. We will arrive on-site with all the required safety equipment, cleaning products, and post-job disposal supplies.

AQR provides complete service for the turnover of your facility, including cleaning and sanitizing the entire space.

Our team will work with your facilities manager to assess the overall need to decontaminate your facility or lab – as we want to be sure that your next group of scientists have a clean slate from which to work. You can be confident that our work will include:

✓ Decontaminate specimen refrigerators
✓ Clean and sanitize the lab space: floor, equipment, walls and air
✓ Decontaminate hazardous materials, by containing and handling mold
✓ Decontaminate Dry Boxes for continued use

Our priority is that we contain any mold so that it does not spread to any other part of the plant.

To keep our team safe and your mold contained, our team wears Personal Protective Equipment that is OSHA approved, as we work within your facility to complete our mold remediation.

Remember, sewer backups should always be considered a priority emergency as this water most likely contains viruses, bacteria or other dangerous microbes. All of these have the potential to cause serious illness!

AQR knows that time is of the essence when you have a biohazard or lab contamination. We will adjust our schedules and resources to have our team on site to meet your deadline needs.

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