Crawl spaces are helpful for homes in coastal, sandy regions, but beware of these common problems.

Crawl spaces are hollow spaces under some homes that keep the house from sitting directly on the ground. They are more suitable for humid, coastal regions with sandy soil, like much of Maryland. Crawl spaces are beneficial in keeping the house safe from heavy rains and the consequences that come from electrical, air duct, or plumbing issues. Many times, the home’s major appliance systems like the HVAC will sit in the crawl space. Unfortunately, if there’s a problem in the crawl space, your home also has a problem that needs immediate fixing.

Mold and Rot

These problems mainly come from a wet crawl space. They are supposed to be above-grade and stay dry, but should moisture or water enter due to foul weather or an appliance malfunction, your crawl space can develop mold and rot from within. Mold naturally eats whatever it can to quicken the decomposing process, but when it develops on your foundation, you need mold remediation. These spores will eventually travel through the vents into your home, risking your family’s health. 

Rodents, Insects, and Dust Mites

Along with mold, a moist crawl space also invites rodents, insects, and dust mites to congregate. In a humid, dirty, secluded place, these little beasts find an inviting home. Although homeowners rarely think of their crawl spaces let alone see or enter them, the reality of pests in this space is understandably disturbing. Like mold spores, debris from these animals can circulate in your house through the vents. Mold will help to get rid of dead insects and such, but this disgusting fact is of little comfort and will not help the health of your home like a professional cleanup will.

Leaks to the House

One of the main problems a crawl space can have involves its very structure. You will not get the mold and pest problems if you have a sound construction in the first place. Crawl spaces do need ventilation to allow healthy airflow. These days, experts agree that it is better to insulate it from the outdoors. However, poorly insulated ducts from the HVAC system to this enclosure can mean trouble should something malfunction down there. Cracks within the ground floor will also allow dirty air to come through your home. Have a professional evaluate your home to see if a leaky floor could be the cause of your indoor air quality issue as well.

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